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Hygeia Industries

Hygeia Industries provides a unique combination of technologies for the extraction, purification and blending of naturally occurring compounds and mixtures. The level of control and quality typically reserved for highly regulated pharmaceutical production can now be applied to phytoextracts and nutritional supplement formulations. The resulting high purity extracts, ingredients and phytopharmaceutical compounds can be manufactured cost-effectively, with controlled purity, in cGMP environments.

  SensiBlend™ Liquid Blending Technology

   Phytochemical Extract Purification

Our patented liquid mixing technology permits precise blending of liquid components, such as ethanol and water, to provide consistency in chromatographic separation processes. When coupled with our natural extraction technologies, enables a level of control that permits streamlined and reliable production from chromatographic isolation through to final liquid formulation.

Liquid chromatography, as first used by Mikhail Tsvet, was observed to provide further purification of an ethanolic botanical extract into individual compounds or classes.  We bring it back to its botanical roots while incorporating our cutting edge process control technology.  We develop environmentally friendly chromatographic processes for the isolation of natural and phytochemical compounds and have a patented process specifically for isolating tocotrienols from natural plant extracts.